How Fenugreek Helps Increasing Testosterone Levels

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Fenugreek multi-branched creeping herb or plant, widespread in the annual or perennial plant in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Split the fruit of special interest and hard spikes.


Fenugreek is used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda as a reduction, analgesics, Diuretics, tonic and aphrodisiac. Its effect on the urethral mucosa is very similar to a dry cloth flowers and bears fruit green.


Applications in traditional medicine to: Diuretics, Tonics, Reduce heat agents, Aphrodisiac, Dried fruit can be used for excessive emissions, high phosphate, urinary and reproductive tract disorders such difficulty urinating, **, chronic cystitis, stones, urinary disorders, urinary incontinence gout and impotence, but also for postpartum uterine dysfunction. Diabetes, upper and lower airway disorders, hemorrhoids, and heart disease are also very effective.


What is Fenugreek ? Where is  it ?

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Fenugreek is the growth in the world’s tropical and temperate regions, many of the plant. It has many different purposes, such as the Greeks used it as a diuretic drug and improve your mood. Indians also use it as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory medications festering. ** Many Chinese people use it the liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases. Bulgarians used it as a libido Enhancer ** infertility. European and American athletes and bodybuilding champion has recently started to use it.


Fenugreek  For Boosting Testosterone   (Scientific Studies )


Fenugreek is a Natural testosterone booster stimulant. Studies have shown that dhea and androstenedione and may well play a role in a play. However, it differs from the way through the other dhea and androstenedione increased testosterone levels and testosterone precursor different, luteinizing hormone This facilitates (LH) production. When LH levels increase, the natural ability to produce testosterone also increases. LH is a hormone related to sexuality, now you understand why some people use it to improve the sexual impotence and infertility **. Animal studies have found that taking fenugreek 30 days were increased sperm count and viability. 90 % of Branded Natural Testosterone Supplements contains Fenugreek powder or extract , which helps to acheive results more faster and safe ..This is the key ingredients of all popular Supplements in the market .

Fenugreek Testosterone Boosters

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Fenugreek testosterone Supplements are Available  in   pills  or Capsules which may  contain  fenugreek extract or powder . However  Fenugreek can  work  best  when it  should be  taken  along  with combination of other ingredients like Tribulus Terristris ,  Vitamin D ,  D – Aspartic Acid , Panax Ginseng . We have reviewed some latest  Natural testosterone Boosters on  this website .Check our  latest  reviews on Testogen .


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The main Effects :


1.  Muscle spasms or cramps


Fenugreek has been widely used as a herbal medicine as a diuretic and to get rid of cramps. Fenugreek saponins in the dose depending on the form below (P <0.05) in vitro can result in sheep and rabbit SKINNY ureteral peristalsis prepared sheet decrease significantly. On the basis of these results and offer Fenugreek can help some muscle spasms or cramps.

                                                           2.  Aphrodisiac


Studies have shown that Fenugreek powder or extract can be impotence, decreased libido and low sperm content help troubled man. Fenugreek can improve the amount of secretion of pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH). LH stimulates the secretion of the male hormone testosterone testicles. Studies have shown that after fenugreek extract testosterone levels more than 50% increase. In Bulgaria, including 212 impotence, Hypogonadism (Testicular dysfunction) and less worried man sperm Experiments show Fenugreek extract can significantly improve the quality and quantity of sperm. ** Fenugreek accept large male sperm Large increase in the percentage of wealthy can fly farther and faster sperm viability and grow. There has been a history of bad men erection and libido men also appeared to improve the situation significantly.


           3.  To promote Strong muscles


Long ago, the Bulgarian Bodybuilder on Fenugreek as a tonic. This effect should be referred to again increase luteinizing hormone secretion, thereby to stimulate testosterone secretion function. Hormone may improve the ability to stimulate muscle growth and strong. Fenugreek hormone additives not in any way. By stimulating the synthesis of his own body hormone that plays a role only in their own normal clearance and help the body to play and potential.

4.  Reduce cholesterol


Some experimental data show that the grass can be equally through its effects on the liver and thereby helps to reduce cholesterol levels.


5.  To reduce the urinary tract stone disease and disorder


Fenugreek leaves extracts showed anti-alcohol urinary tract stones activities. The daily oral dose limit albino 100 mg / kg 2 four weeks after artificially induced urinary stones were significantly reduced by 60-80% quality. Chloroform extracts of his alcohol, butanol and section shows stronger activity can be almost completely banned stone formation. Next, the extract also showed significant diuretic activity.


Fenugreek The application of Chinese medicine has five thousand years of history, our ancestors used the drug ** impotence. Recent studies have found that domestic and foreign research institutions: Fenugreek can stimulate the pituitary luteinizing body hormone secretion, thus promoting the secretion of male testosterone, increase the flow of blood testosterone levels, increased muscle strength, improve physical recovery, so it is ideal property features regulator Clinical studies have shown: Fenugreek to increase sperm count and improve the development of motor skills, increase libido and sexual activity, frequency and hardness of erections and increased after sex recover faster, thus improving male fertility.

Introduction of raw materials 


Fenugreek perennial vine plant that grows in China, India, Eastern Europe, Africa and elsewhere. 5,000 years ago, our ancestors found  fenugreek aphrodisiac, with its impotence medicine and recipe. Also Fenugreek is also used to make hemostatic, urolithiasis, inflammation and arthritis.


In recent years, studies have found that fenugreek can stimulate the pituitary body luteinizing hormone secretion, and thus contribute to the release of testosterone, increase the flow of blood testosterone levels, increased muscle strength, improve physical recovery.


Fenugreek is not a stimulant, and its principles of drug action and anabolic steroid precursor of androstenedione and dhea-type stimulants such as anabolic steroids are different. Using anabolic steroids-type stimulant, although it may increase the levels of testosterone, but suppress the secretion of testosterone itself. Following the withdrawal, the secretion of testosterone deficiency, leading to physical weakness, malaise, fatigue, slow recovery. The blood supply to the testicle using fenugreek caused by increased secretion of testosterone to strengthen their due, they will not be displayed when his own testosterone synthesis inhibition. Moreover,  taking drugs can help to stimulate and regulate the secretion of stimulant-induced suppression of its own testosterone, the body returns to its normal state.


Clinical studies have shown that Fenugreek increased sperm count and improve the development of motor skills, increase libido and sexual activity, frequency and hardness of erections and increased after sex sexy accelerate recovery and improve male fertility.Fenugreek has other drugs: to improve and regulate the climacteric syndrome, emotional stability, reduce blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, improve immune function, increases the number of red blood cells and white blood cells, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, remove the bone and joint pain ,  preventing urinary tract stones, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Possible Negative  Side Effects  Of  Fenugreek


Here are some Facts that you need to know about some possible side effects and contraindications . First of all , you must be sure that you are not allergic to any type of Fenugreek material which may include tea , extract or powder form .. And Secondly make sure you take the correct dose suggested by supplier of any Fenugreek Product , which may be listed on the Product container or box , don’t overdose it .
However Fenugreek is a natural plant & herb , doesn’t necessarily means that it is totally exempt of possible side effects . When taken in large doses, reported side effects include gas and bloating.


Fenugreek can also react with several different medications, particularly those that treat blood clotting disorders and diabetes. If you’re on these types of medication, talk to your doctor before taking any of the form Supplement. However these reports were made by only few product users .