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In recent years, the proteins definitely gained huge popularity and with their increasingly widespread use number of questions arise about their intake, what actually are proteins which one to choose among the huge selection of different brands, etc.


Let’s start with one of the most common questions asked by beginners and people still stepping in sporting circles.


What exactly is Impact whey protein?


The Impact whey protein can be defined as one of the best sources of protein. The proteins are complete and incomplete (protein = protein). Whey protein belongs to complete sources of protein because it contains all the necessary amino acids, which are responsible for proper restoration and all regenerative processes.


Whey protein is obtained by processing the residual product in the manufacture of cheeses, cheese and curd. Dry passes processing to remain only lean protein and as much as possible less fat and carbohydrates and whey protein is ready. Instantizirane, flavors and packaging, your protein powder is ready.


Impact Whey protein is rich in branched chain amino acids, known under abrevieturata BCAA. These are the three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are perhaps the most important element of the puzzle when searching for proper muscle growth and recovery.


What will help me use Impact whey protein?


During exercise and workout muscle fibers are torn. If you are looking for growth, recovery and muscle mass should properly restore those torn muscle fibers. Proteins are the source of building material for muscles, it is important to take whey protein.
 Muscle recovery and regeneration

  • Boost Immune system
  • Helping to regulate the excess weight and maintaining muscle
  • Rich in minerals strengthens bone condition
  • You Can replace one meal in everyday life
  • More Whey proteins are delicious and will help you
  • forget about sweet and so more easily enter into shape
  • Absorb Quickly and the best option for refueling after exercise

Is there a difference between In Impact whey protein  and isolate?

Is isolate or concentrate, it is determined by the quality and quantity of protein, carbohydrates and fat in a protein powder. For a supplement be called whey protein isolate, it must contain over 89% protein.
The amount of carbohydrates and fat in Impact whey protein  should be at values close to zero.
The concentrate should contain over 80% protein content. The remainder to 100% of failure in both cases are filled by several percent water, minerals, and in the case of the concentrate with carbohydrates and fats.


Can we drink protein if it has expired shelf life?


No product on the market, either protein or other type of dietary supplement that has no quotes for end dates of use. If you bought a protein, but you stop to drink and decide in time to resume accepted, but the period has expired and you are wondering what to do, we will tell you. Surely the most sensible and advisable option is not taking any dietary supplement expired. When protein intake with expired may occur irritation in the stomach, it will mostly due to outdated colors and flavors within the protein powder.


I have lactose intolerance, can I drink Impact  whey protein?


Basically, if you have lactose intolerance is better to avoid dairy products.
Whey protein is also a dairy product, but nowadays most isolates contain no lactose. High-quality systems for processing of raw materials provided peace to everyone who suffers from lactose intolerance.
Before you buy protein inquire what is the amount of lactose.


Why can not I get a whey protein that does not contain soy lecithin?

Do not worry, he’s there to help us better ourselves and be able to enjoy the product itself.


Are there any side effects of taking Impact  whey protein?


Given the natural origin of proteins, then surely we can call them quality food powder. Side effects have if you overdo it, as with every single thing. And the biggest side effect is, if you overdo it, visit the toilet once or twice more during the day.
However, if protein intake note of symptoms such as swollen stomach irritation and gases, then one thing is certain – best replace the brand that you buy. Very often the cause of these side effects are low-quality protein sources to be added. For example, one such irritant is soy protein, which is often added in the protein matrix and creates annoyances and worries of many athletes.


When is it best to accept Impact whey protein?


Due to its rapid rate of absorption by the body, whey protein is suitable for admission at any time of day.
Definitely morning moments before and after exercise are best suited for further enriching your diet with whey protein.